While dental implants in Louisiana have become enormously popular, many people still turn to dentures since they’re the most economical way to replace missing teeth. Both are considered two of the best options for teeth restoration. And while people know how they work, not everyone is aware that implants can be used to support dentures.

Dental specialists have come up with a better solution to missing teeth by developing implant-supported dentures in Louisiana. They provide patients with the benefits of implants while incorporating a denture’s affordability. Here are some things you need to know about the combination of the two most popular modern dental prosthetics:

How Do They Work?

Traditional dentures don’t replace missing tooth roots, which results in bone loss in patients’ mouths over time. Thankfully, implant-supported dentures do replace tooth roots.

This is because implants have small titanium posts that serve as the roots of the patient’s natural teeth. They eventually fuse with the person’s jawbone and preserve its density and volume. Once they’re used to secure dentures, the fake teeth will not press down the patient’s bone tissue.

How Are They Installed?

A person’s first appointment will be a consultation with the doctor to discuss the process, their options, and their customized care plan. The dentist will then schedule the surgery on their second visit. During the procedure, the oral surgeon will place an appropriate number of implants in the person’s jaw at precisely planned angles. The installation of the implants will take from one to three hours of work.

After the implants have been installed into the patient’s jaw, they will have to wait for the surgery site to heal. During the healing period, the patient can wear a modified denture that will not overstress the implants. Once the jawbone heals, the doctor will attach the dentures to the patient’s mouth.

What Are Its Benefits?

The combination of implants and dentures comes with a lot of benefits to the patient. Here are some of them:

  • There will be no adjustment period.
  • They don’t need adhesive.
  • They function more like the person’s natural teeth.
  • The patient can talk, bite, and chew much easier than they could with traditional dentures.
  • They will not move or shift around your mouth.

Bring Back Your Beautiful Smile With Our Help

At Affordable Smiles, we can help bring back your naturally beautiful smile. We offer different types of teeth restoration treatments, including implant-supported dentures, to Louisiana residents. Reach out to us today to schedule a consultation with our amazing doctors.


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