At Affordable Smiles, we seek both to create value for our patients and provide treatment that is in their best interest.

We have been providing patients with full-service dental care that meets all of their oral health needs. This includes cosmetic treatments as well as restorative and surgical procedures. Our doctors can also safely administer nitrous oxide and oral conscious sedation for your comfort. Patient satisfaction is of utmost importance to our entire team. We will personalize your treatment and take our time to ensure that every step of your procedure is completed to meet our highest standards.


Replace Missing Teeth with Dentures Tailored to Your Needs Missing teeth can be a source of anxiety and pain as well as hinder your ability to engage in normal functional…
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Dental Implants

Providing a Secure Foundation for Restorations While traditional dental crowns, dentures, or bridges can replace missing teeth, these treatments do not address the tooth roots. By securing your restoration with…
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Sedation Dentistry

Managing Dental Phobia Through Sedation Dentistry Dental phobia is very common and often leads to patients avoiding necessary maintenance and procedures. Unfortunately,  these habits can have a significant impact on…
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Dental Extractions

Why Would Teeth Need to be Removed? Besides wisdom teeth removal, doctors turn to extractions as a course of action when excessive tooth decay, tooth infections, or crowding occurs. For…
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