Having a missing tooth can give any person a hard time, especially when it comes to speaking, smiling, and chewing. Not only will it affect a person’s appearance, but also their overall health. Fortunately, dentists have made it possible to replace them. There are three different missing teeth replacement options a person can choose from. Here’s what they are:


This missing tooth replacement option is removable and can be easily taken out for cleaning. Dentures can also replace one or more teeth since it can be either full or partial. If a person loses all their teeth, they will need full or complete dentures. They are made out of either acrylic or porcelain and held together by a metal base. The dentist may also recommend a denture adhesive to help secure them in place.

The other type is removable partial dentures. This type usually has a replacement tooth or teeth fixed to a base made of plastic that looks like a person’s gum. The base may cover a metal framework or clasps that are attached to the person’s natural teeth. Both types are usually inexpensive and easy to repair.


If a person wants to replace a tooth with natural teeth on either side, then bridges can be a good option for them. The frame of a dental bridge is cemented to help support the implant. This option involves reducing the size of the natural teeth on both sides of the gap.

Since fixed bridges are cemented, only a dentist can remove them. Another advantage is that they can feel, look, and function like natural teeth. This option involves a quick process and is considered a cost-effective solution to missing teeth.


The third and most preferred option is dental implants. These are artificial tooth roots that are placed into the jawbone. A single implant is composed of a titanium screw, an abutment, and a crown. Placing an implant onto a person’s mouth requires careful assessment of the jawbone to know if they need bone augmentation. The doctor may do CT scans to help create impressions.

Dental implants, like the two previous options, can offer many advantages. First, they look, function, and feel like a natural tooth. Second, they have a lot of types, such as mini dental implants (MDI), all-on-4, and immediate load implants (ILI). Lastly, they can last a lifetime, if maintained properly.

Mind the Gap

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